Karimnagar experiences dry inland climatic conditions with hot summers and cool winters.
The city of Karimnagar gets most of its rainfall from the Southwest monsoon. 
The summer season is extremely hot, 
but temperatures decline with the onset of the monsoons, 
and the winter season is generally cool. 
The most popular tourist season is from November to February.

The summer season starts in March and can continue through early June. 
During this period temperatures range from a minimum of 27 C to a maximum of 39 C. 
The highest recorded temperature in the area is around 44 C. 
Nights are much cooler, and the humidity is around 50%. 
October and November experiences increased rainfall from the Northeast monsoon. 
During this time, daytime temperatures average around 30 C. 
The winter season starts in December and lasts through February. 
During this time, temperatures range from a minimum of 20 C to a maximum of 35 C.

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